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Quality reports that meet engineering standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Pipeline Integrity Inspection  

    • API 570 Pipeline Inspection, Aboveground and Below Grade Piping  

  • STI SP001 Formal External Tank Inspection

    • AWWA Steel Water Storage Tank Inspections

    • IBC Shipping Tote Retest and Inspection as required by 49 CFR 180.352  

    • Secondary Containment Area Survey

    • Tank Tightness Testing

  • Underground Storage Tank Inspection:

    • Annual NACE CP Evaluation

    • UST Compliance (<50,000 gallon)

    • UST Compliance (>50,000 gallon)



Get in touch today to find out how Integrity Environmental can help you prevent problems before they happen.

Facility and tank inspections are necessary beyond regulations. They identify potential issues before they become substantial, expensive problems resulting in severe damage or failure. Integrity Environmental utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and established procedures tailored to your inspection needs. All our inspectors are highly trained, and certified per API, STI, NACE, and on-site for all process phases.


Integrity offers the following inspection services to keep facilities running smoothly:

  • Aboveground Storage Tank Integrity Inspection

    • API 653 Internal & External Inspection

    • API 653 Internal Floating Roof Inspection

    • API 653 Internal Settlement Survey 

  • Corrosion Inspections and Consulting 

  • Non-Destructive Testing/Non-Destructive Examination Services

    • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing 

    • Annual Pressure Testing of Lines & Hoses in accordance with USCG 33 CFR 156.170 

    • Cathodic Protection Systems Inspections for bulk fuel tanks and pipeline systems performed by NACE Institute, CP-certified professionals.

    • NACE CP Soils Assessment

    • Licensed Underground Storage Tank Worker: Cathodic Protection Testing

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