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Get your team on the same page with comprehensive training solutions through SHIELD Services

Investing in the proper training of your staff is one of the best ways to keep your operating and regulatory costs down. Integrity offers several training options developed from our specialized experience helping bulk fuel facilities in Alaska navigate the complex regulatory requirements for record-keeping, inspection, and reporting.

We offer these courses in facility management to keep your team up to date:

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Overview: Managing a Bulk Fuel Facility

  • Record Keeping & Reporting for Bulk Fuel Storage

  • Facility SWPPP/APDES Compliance: Annual Training

  • Air Permitting Compliance for Bulk Fuel Storage

  • Improving Inspection Programs and Compliance

  • Preparing for a Regulatory Inspection

  • Initial Notifications After a Spill

  • On Scene Commander Duties & Responsibilities

  • NPREP Management


We also offer these courses for your executive team:

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Overview: The Business of Storing Fuel in Alaska

  • Record Keeping & Reporting at the Executive Level

  • Spill Prevention at the Executive Level

  • Spill Response at the Executive Level

  • Qualified Individual Duties & Responsibilities

  • Media Preparedness at the Executive Level

Click HERE to find out more about our training services through our
IE CLASSROOM division.

Integrity Environmental SHIELD Training for facility management and personnel.

There’s no substitute for quality training in a high-stakes industry like oil, gas, and bulk fuel transport. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help improve your team’s capabilities.

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